The Bleddfa Centre is run by the Bleddfa Trust, a charitable organisation set up in 1974 to provide, in the words of theatre director, writer and founder, James Roose-Evans, “a Centre for those exploring the relationship between creativity and spirituality and how the two can lead to a richer and fuller life for each of us, enabling people to find something to nourish and replenish the spirits”.

Starting life in the old village school, now the Old School Gallery, the Centre has expanded to include a group of renovated agricultural buildings that make up the Hall Barn and the Charlesworth Chapel, a place for workshops, seminars, meditations, retreats, films and meetings of many kinds. Set in beautiful countryside on the border of Mid Wales, the Trust works through the Centre to enable and encourage, inspire and innovate in many areas of creativity and spirituality, with special commitments to community, sharing and place; and to reaching out to the young.

We offer an opportunity for people to explore how the creative arts, together with philosophical and spiritual traditions, can illuminate and enrich life. We do not promote any particular system of belief: the principles of inclusivity and well-being are of paramount importance. Our workshops in the Hall Barn have both an educational and experiential content, helping participants to gain greater self-awareness, understanding and to feel creatively empowered.

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